"Sikorski and his cohorts pack a great deal of
subtle invention into the five tracks the album
while navigating a range of moods from
pensive and elegiac to sprightly and playful.
There is a warm burnish and depth of character to
the music from start to finish..."
- Stationary Travels

Edward Sikorski is a composer and sound designer based in Dresden, Germany.

Beside his appearance as a solo artist, his works are featured in awarded documentaries, films and theatre. 
Edward had an early introduction to music, learning the guitar from the age of 6 on. Later he added the piano as well as taught himself the production of experimental electronic music, using old analogue musical equipment. With his growing passion for studio work and recording techniques, he built up his very own Studio B. A unique and creative space for recording, mixing and producing music and sounds. 

Just to name a few, Edward did the complete sound design for the highly acclaimed documentary Die Mission Der Lifeline (2019), as well as for the documentary Starting With Fragments (2020), which deals with the Syrian civil war. He wrote the complete score for the motion picture Im Toten Winkel (2020) and composed music for the theatre plays All Das Schöne (2020) and Die Wand (2021)both staged by actor and theater director Maurizio Micksch at Theater Ulm.

After releasing his little piano EP Hold as a gift for Piano Day 2017, Edward's latest record Basic Colours came out on 3rd December 2021 via the German record label Oscarson.